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Qualities Essential to Speculation

Self-Reliance: a man must think for himself, must follow his own convictions.

Judgment: the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.

Courage: that is, confidence to act on the decisions of the mind.

Prudence: the power of measuring the danger, together with certain alertness and watchfulness, is very important. There should be a balance of these two, Prudence and Courage; Prudence in contemplation, Courage in execution.

Pliability: the ability to change an opinion, the power of revision.

“He who observes, and observes again, is always formidable."
Dickson Watts

Learn from my Journey

Be a part of my journey as I continue towards becoming a consistent trader. I spent a lot of time and money searching who the best people to teach me that edge. By learning from the best traders and never giving up, my growth has led to valuable lessons about myself. I am able to prepare and adapt, staying in the game.