Highly Probable Set-ups


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The top money making patterns for beginners!

Get the Edge you need to Win! 

Have the knowledge at your finger tips. The perfect tool during fast moving markets.

Become a consistent Day trader. I Promise these patterns will change how you approach the markets. 

Defined patterns that work!

as taught by Nathan Michaud of Investors Underground “click link to learn more”

  • Risk & Reward
  • Price Trends
  • Volume Trends
  • Counter Candle Entries
  • Candle Reversals
  • Pattern Characteristics
  • 3 phase break-outs
  • Market Structure



The digital poster is ready for print if you choose to do so, the .pdf file is pre-set to 16”x20”. Alternative poster sizing and file formats are available, e.g. 18x24, just contact me with any questions

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